Case Study – Swarovski

30 June 2020

We have worked with Swarovski throughout the development of their new concept for all of their global stores.

Our work included:

  • Insights on consumer behaviour to inform concept brief
  • Creation of behavioural and sensory guidelines for the designers to follow
  • Behavioural review of the new store concept brief to ensure best brand perception, customer experience and allow for cultural adaptability and flexibility of the concept
  • Behavioural reviews at key stages of the design development process focusing on overall customer experience, product interaction, social interaction, longer dwell time and more


The new stores brought in considerably more sales than predicted. All team members say how much they and the customers love the new spaces, mentioning they feel like ‘coming home’. People (both customers and employees) love spending time in these new stores and it shows in the commercial results.

Testimonial by Jochen Schmidt, VP of Distribution and Real Estate, Swarovski: 

“Kate’s expertise in consumer psychology and the way in which sensory perception impacts on consumer experience played an important role in the design of the creative concept for our retail stores. These inputs helped us to optimize material selection and to refine the definition of key consumer touchpoints and their role in the consumer journey. Kate advised us on how emotions would be felt at each touchpoint in order to develop the best possible sensory brand representation and, ultimately, an amazing consumer experience. We would thoroughly recommend Style Psychology as a partner for consumer behavioural insights within retail environments”