Case Study – rpa:group Retail Design Expo 2016

14 August 2016


We have been approached by rpa:group to consult on the design of their stand for the Retail Design Expo 2016.

They wanted to ensure their stand delivers consistent multi-sensory experience.

We have worked with them throughout the design process to shape the overall look and feel of the stand.

Our key focus has been on creating relaxing environment which encourages longer dwell time and higher emotional enagagement. To achieve that we have proposed a number of sensory solutions including:

  • Introduction of a tactile element, i.e. natural wheatgrass
  • Selecting a matching scent
  • Proposing a matching sound

We have also been asked to provide a number of insights from retail psychology and sensory design to be included on the post it notes which visitors could take away with them.

James Breaks, Associate Director – Design at rpa:group, said:

‘Kate’s expert input was essential to the success of the stand,

ensuring that we could engage effectively with our clients

demonstrating the benefit of combining science, creativity and business.’

Turf increases dwell time

Journey personalisation

Insight Wall

Naural wheatgrass

Insight Post It Notes