All you ever needed, wanted or even desired to know about consumer behaviour, customer experience and consumer psychology under one digital roof.

Our courses and continuously growing content is especially designed with brave brand leaders in mind. We have been working with incredible founders, directors and executives throughout the years and noticed how hungry they are for robust, easily applicable and future forward knowledge on consumer behaviour, customer experience, strategy, design and marketing. We have been such partner for them, not only putting everything they knew into perspective and sharing with them extremely relevant to their business knowledge but also collaborating with them to apply it to their brands.

Now, we want to make this knowledge and expertise available, easily accessible and affordable to every brave brand leader out there. No matter your size or budget, our educational content is designed for you to help you flourish, thrive and create extremely successful brands.

What are you waiting for? Choose your course, dig in and watch your brands grow and be loved all over the world.


Multidisciplinary Behavioural Expertise


Although our core team is made out of psychologists, we believe that to truly understand consumer behaviour, we need to look across disciplines.

That’s why we collaborate with experts in and use science from psychology, sociology, anthropology, neuroscience, semiotics, marketing and much more.

This allows us to paint a truly holistic picture of consumer behaviour. You can therefore expect a wide range of subjects and approaches to deliver you a truly in-depth and easily applicable knowledge.


Years of Experience


Science is great, but it is only amazing when it is applied to create better brands, businesses and the world.

Our team and collaborators have vast experience of working with all types and sizes of brands.

So, what we teach is focused not only on fascinating science but especially on effective application. We share with you our unique processes that normally cost on average 10-50 times more based on one-on-one service.


Wide Selection


Whatever your challenge, idea or innovation, you are sure to find a course that can assist you in creating a truly amazing brand and engaging customer experience.

From behavioural strategy, through brand communities to the psychology of retail design and sustainability, we are continuously adding new courses.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? We can create a bespoke course for your team.



Brand Community

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The Psychology of Sustainability

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The Psychology of Retail Design

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Meaningful & Meaningless Friction

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Bespoke Courses for Your Team

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These courses are especially designed for all the brave brand leaders of start ups, scale ups, national and global brands in B2C and DTC markets. CEOs, CBOs, marketers, strategists, designers, architects, managers, anyone can and will benefit.

Whether you are in retail, hospitality, tech, food, drinks, FMCG, fashion, beauty, homeware, furniture, fintech, lifestyle, pet or children’s products, you will see how much better your brand and customer experience will be once you apply the knowledge from our courses.


“Kate’s expertise in consumer psychology and the way in which sensory perception impacts on consumer experience played an important role in the design of the creative concept for our retail stores. These inputs helped us to optimize material selection and to refine the definition of key consumer touchpoints and their role in the consumer journey. Kate advised us on how emotions would be felt at each touchpoint in order to develop the best possible sensory brand representation and, ultimately, an amazing consumer experience. We would thoroughly recommend Style Psychology as a partner for consumer behavioural insights within retail environments”

Jochen Schmidt, VP of Distribution and Real Estate, Swarovski

“As a co-CEO of an 8 years old and successful interiors brand, I knew it was time to revisit our brand strategy, design and customer experience. We have a brilliant brand with extremely loyal customers, yet I knew we can grow even more.

This is why I was looking for the right experts to work with us on our brand strategy. Kate was an ideal choice. Her expertise in consumer psychology and years of experience working with brands of all sizes was exactly what we needed to help us differentiate in a crowded market.

The close collaboration between Kate and our team meant the resulting behavioural brand strategy was not only a perfect reflection of where we want to take the brand but also painted a step by step journey for us to get there. Kate is a constant supportive source of inspiration, encouragement and assurance. Exactly what we needed.”