Why would you hire a consumer psychologist to work on your brand and customer experience?

23 February 2021


We have heard this question numerous times in networking events we attended, public speaking engagements our founder Kate Nightingale took part in and many conversations with potential clients we had.

We get it! You got used to the fact that you need a strategist, marketer and designer, but why in the world would you need a consumer psychologist to make your brand a success?

Rather than answering this questions ourselves, we asked some of our clients and collaborators. Here is what they said.


The physical touchpoint, our stores is still the touch point number 1 with our consumer. Each visit, from the outside look, the window, the overall look and feel, the product presentation and our staff will make a difference to remind our brand in a positive or negative way. Many experiences and impressions are triggered by elements in the costumer journey in a subconscious way. To maximize the positive impact of all the elements, we worked with a consumer psychologist.’

Jochen Schmidt, Swarovski


‘Consumers don’t really do what they say, so understanding why people do what they do is key to any brand’s success. We believe that strategy is the amplification of insights on the continuous basis. We are constantly improving what we do. Working with a consumer psychologist from the beginning allowed us to go beyond rational and tangible USPs and utilise the more emotional and intangible benefits to build a strong brand and loyal community.’

Robert Bridgman, SNUG


‘We would get a consumer psychologist involved when we are working with challenger brands where we want to change the status quo. In this case we need to really understand the consumer in order to disrupt them. Also, when we want to drive more trial and consideration with brands that our consumers have fallen out of love with. We need to understand why they are no longer relevant and what would peak interest again.’

Kelly Mackenzie, White Bear Studio


‘We hired a consumer psychologist to work on our brand and customer experience so we weren’t just going with what ‘we’ liked. In marketing, one of the worst mistakes you can make is to think you are the customer. Having an outside and impartial view, backed up by science, is key to helping us to step back and truly understand what our customers want. 

We want to guide our customers through a pleasurable journey with us – having insights into the behavioural detail of that journey is both fascinating for us and helps us to develop the best version of our brand. A brand we can really be proud of. ‘

Ally Dowsing-Reynolds, Dowsing & Reynolds


Why would YOU hire a consumer psychologist to support you on your journey to making your brand a success? Share your views. We are excited to hear what you think.