What are the benefits of employing augmented reality in retail?

9 December 2022

Augmented reality is increasing its charm but people are still wary of employing it in everyday life. Many now see the positive impact it could have in fields such as medicine, sports and technology but what benefits does AR bring to retail?

It goes without saying that applying AR in both physical and online environments improves the customer experience as it provides unique, attractive and value-adding elements and therefore, customers would be more willing to return to the store if it provides a novel, engaging and fun experience. The presence of AR would become the differentiating factor that would contribute to increasing customer engagement and sales but most of all it would strengthen the relationship with the brand and build customer loyalty.

These results are all due to the immersive nature of an experience supported by AR. In addition to this, AR creates a feeling of personalisation and proximity. Customers would feel more connected to the brand thanks to the fact that AR allows sales to be processed in a more personalised manner. 

A further positive benefit of using AR in retail is that customers can better learn the details of a product and its use and this, would of course increase certainty in consumers. Think about it, if you already know what the product looks like in a certain space or how you can use it, you become more certain of it and of your possible purchase.  

Using AR in retail would allow an increase in sales but also a reduction in the number of returns. Customers would resolve all doubts about a product more easily and above all before the purchase. They would be certain about a product and of course, there would be no need to return it in the future. Such certainty would also decrease the purchasing decision time. 

Employing AR in retail has several positive benefits but for sure the most important of them is that it allows brands to offer a higher degree of interaction and therefore, make customer experience easier, more efficient and above all, more entertaining. 

Brands out there, knowing this, would you or do you already employ AR in your experience? What benefits drive your decision?