Case Study: Firefish – Behavioural Research Expertise for Personal Care Brand

27 April 2015

We were approached by the research company Firefish to act as behavioural experts on their research project. They were asked by their clients to conduct an innovative and forward thinking research piece on the consumers’ experience of a personal care product. We were chosen due to our unique expertise in consumer psychology, beauty, non-verbal communication, evolutionary psychology and sensory marketing.

As the project aimed to inform the potential new product development, future marketing communication as well as the overall brand strategy we were even better tasked to assist Firefish since our focus is always on the business application of the scientific knowledge and insight as well as improving the bottom line for our clients.

They wanted to understand how this pharmacy no prescription product fits into the consumers daily routine, how it affects their moods and emotions as well as the rest of their day. We were asked to analyse the research participants’ behaviour, looking at their non-verbal communication and interview responses. We then took the results of the observations and compared them against the scientific knowledge in the fields of consumer and evolutionary psychology, the clients brand strategy and ethos as well as the consumer trends in the beauty sector. That allowed us to come up with clear actionable insights as well as recommendations for potential new product development, marketing communication ideas as well as the overall brand strategy.