Retail Psychology Column – Weekly dose of behavioural tips

22 September 2022

We are starting a Retail Psychology Column, a weekly happening where we’ll talk of the great things happening in the world of retail from the psychological point of view, of course. From cool brands to products and strategies, we’ll talk about the most behaviourally effective things out there.

Retail Psychology Column was born out of our desire to show that science, psychology, and retail are strongly interconnected and together they can create amazing brands and experiences.You know us…we love to geek out on science, so you’ll see quite a bit of that too.

For now, we leave you with a little shoutout to Selfridges for efficiently using the polls on IG. The positive participation strengthens brand satisfaction and, allowing your customers to vote and share their preferences,  is the perfect tactic to create stronger engagement and tighten your community. For now, that is all, but we’ll see you soon!

Want us to talk about something in particular? Drop us a comment here and we will be sure to put it into our roaster.