Retail Psychology Column – Intimacy

22 September 2022

Hello again for the weekly appointment with our Retail Psychology Column. Today we’ll talk about intimacy!

Intimacy has become a must have for all brands. As people crave meaningful connections, they are expecting it in every interaction. This stems from the basic human need for belongingness that will continue strongly driving consumer behaviour and decision making for at least another 12-24 months.

Some of the simplest ways to create an intimate relationship with your customers is getting your team to share personal experiences, wins, why they love their work as well as asking customers a lot of questions.

We love how much genuine intimacy Seekology expresses on their Instagram and you can also feel it from everyone when you visit their pop-ups. You know that feeling of a friend welcoming you to their house? That is what you get from them all the time.

Are you as intimate as you can be? What strategies are you using or would like to use in the future? Or perhaps share with us a brand that you feel does it so well you always feel like melting.