Customer experience belongs to the customer.

What do we mean by it?

Experience is a set of reactions to what a brand puts in front of a customer. It happens only in the customer’s brain.

What a brand is actually creating is a ‘Matrix of Stimuli’ that ideally should result in a similar experience for majority of the brand’s customers.

Customer experience is ruled by how perception works and how we make sense of the world around us.

Senses and emotions are the key ingredients of human perception.

In our work with consumer brands we focus on how human subconscious brain perceives the brand and what emotions and behaviours this perception leads to.

We translate your brand and customer experience into the brain language.

We collaborate with your team to establish what do you actually want to create in people’s minds. What do you want them to feel, think and do? How do you want them to interact with your brand? What brand perception do you want to achieve?

Then we help you create your unique ‘Matrix of Stimuli’ that is especially designed for your brand strategy and customer profiles.

We then collaborate with your teams to translate it into every brand channel through anything from the tone of voice to marketing to online and offline design.

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