Behavioural Retail Review


Working on a new retail store concept?

Opening your first ever retail store?

Working on a pop up?

Or perhaps your existing stores are not performing as well as you would like?

Our Behavioural Retail Review is a perfect answer.

We analyse your retail experience from the point of view of how human brain perceives it and how it therefore affects brand perception and consumer behaviour.

We will then pinpoint a number of recommendations, both quick fixes as well as bigger, more strategic ideas.

We have done such reviews for Desigual and House of Fraser as well as worked on larger retail experience projects with Swarovski and Dowsing & Reynolds.

Explore our work with Dowsing & Reynolds on their first retail store and our work with Swarovski on their new global store concept.

Are you designing a restaurant, bar, leisure centre, hotel, shopping centre or co-working space? We have experience working on such projects as well (even though we might not be able to share the case studies).

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