Sensory Brand Signature

The only way to human brain is through the senses.

Scientists estimate we have between 3 to 33 senses.

Subconscious brain processes 11mln bits of information per second and they all affect human emotions, behaviours and decision making.

What does it have to do with customer experience or design?

A right smell can increase sales in store by even up to 20%.

Dynamic product imagery creates higher engagement and willingness to buy.

Soft surfaces can make a brand appear more friendly and approachable and hard surfaces make the brand more reliable and trustworthy.

Scientific studies continuously show that the more multisensory representation of a brand and its product/service, both online and offline, the better the engagement, memorability and willingness to purchase.

The power of using right sensory stimuli to create your customer experience is that majority of them are only perceived subconsciously, outside of our awareness, and therefore are more effective.

And this is just a tiny element of millions of scientific studies on how to strategically use senses in your customer experience and design.

What is Sensory Brand Signature?

We developed this unique process to help brands establish a sensory dictionary personalised to the brand strategy and customer profiles.

We look at 8-9 groups of senses, including, on top of the five well-known senses, bodily sensations, temperature, movement, balance and embodied cognition.

We take your brand strategy and customer profiles, juxtapose them against your desired experiential, social and commercial objectives for the brand or a particular channel and identify how the brand is to be best represented across all senses to ensure the desired results.

Sensory Brand Signature is a perfect guide for branding experts, web designers, product/packaging designers and architects/interior designers.

Explore our work with Water Babies on the blueprint for their leisure centres, where Sensory Brand Signature formed a big part of the whole design process.

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