Retail Brands Capitalize On Demand For Zoom-Friendly Accessories

20 August 2020

New data from Statista has shown, between the months of March and May 2020, a remarkable increase in sales in one particular retail sector: clothing and accessories. Following this new interest in such categories, new marketing strategies have been created.

It may seems that such interest in clothing and accessories might be a response to the regular video calls that have been part of everybody’s life in the past months. People want to look good in their video calls, they want to be creative, to personalize and upgrade their home accessory looks. As a consequence to this, several brands, such as Madewell, have created a new section online devoted to “video-chat-friendly” accessories. These accessories could be essential to feel more dressed up and professional even if it is only on a video call. According to our founder Kate Nightingale: ” the introduction of products enhancing our appearance on video calls is a great agile solution for the current circumstances”.

In the future, it might be expected a new trend were remote work and video conferencing continues to become a norm. However, our founder believes that the introduction of such products enhancing our appearance on video calls “is unlikely to have a large market long-term, once we will eventually go back to normal”. 

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