How we shop now: Redefining the retail experience online

23 September 2020

In the current times, due to the coronavirus pandemic and the related policies, an extraordinary shift in shopping behaviour has occurred. Online shopping has become more than just an occasional indulgence. In fact, between the first and second quarters of this year, e-commerce sales have grown more than 30%. Consumers are now shopping everything online from groceries to major purchases such as fine jewellery or new cars.

Interestingly, it has occurred a generational mindset shift about online shopping. At the moment, alongside with Gen Z and Millennials, even baby boomers are largely embracing the e-commerce. According to our founder, however, such trends are not entirely due to germaphobia.  Consumers now need to own a sense of safety and control over their lives and subsequently their purchases. According to Nightingale, people are now practicing ‘mindful consumption’ which ‘is about reclaiming control over buying decisions’. The founder explains that ‘a sense of control is necessary for our experience of safety – something we have all been missing. Buying online means people are able to make their own choices without feeling pressure from a salesperson’.

Due to the rapid market changes, retailers must now act and acknowledge how to improve customers’ experiences and build positive and enduring relationships with them. In order to do so, psychology and other practices will come in handy. Our founder, gave some insights on how retailers might improve their e-commerce and also improve customers’ experience. For instance, ‘ New features that showcase more about products and allow customers to understand how bigger purchases will fit into their home or lifestyle help make the customer more certain’ She says.

The coronavirus pandemic has enhanced a true shift in consumer behaviour and above all, it has changed the way people purchase. It is now necessary to acknowledge such changes and carry out a strategy that would be beneficial both for brands and consumers.

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