The Guardian – Flashing the clash: a high street trend for Brexit limboland

22 February 2020

Brexit-era politics have definitely brought to a period of great indecision. Interestingly, such indecision is not confined to this field but also influence other aspects of the everyday life. In this context, fashion is also having an ambivalent moment as shoppers seem unable to choose between distinct designs. As our founder asserts: “the uncertainty driven by political and economical situations can also create a stronger need for control”. As a consequence to the unwillingness or inability to choose, a new trend has arisen and combines colours, textures and prints. “This trend can be a way of coping” Kate Nightingale says “and it can also be a good way to show the different and contrasting parts of who we are”. Such notion might be the reason behind the great success of pre-clashed clothes.

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