VOX – Fast fashion, explained

22 February 2020

In the last decade, fast fashion brands have been highly criticised for the use of unpaid labor and for the environmental damages that their speedy supply chains bring. However, fast fashion brands still have great success also due to the importance of influencers in the modern culture. Influencers, in fact, lead consumers to the desire of following their styles and be fashionable in every occasion. Fast fashion brands allow so as they provide, at a fast rate, new clothes with low prices. A further factor that augment the power of fast fashion brands is that wearing the same outfit twice has become unacceptable. People, above all youngster, feel pressured to wear different outfits every time they go out and fast fashion brands allow them to do so. As a consequence to all these factors, consumers turn a blind eye to the costs of fast fashion even when brands are greatly criticised or even condemned for the environmental damages. As our founder explains: “customers are not likely to change their shopping habits out of concern for the environment and we are almost conditioned to keep buying and buying things every season”. This is the reason for which “brands need to realise the impact they have on people and commit to doing business differently”. This is the only ways people will start to change their shopping behaviour. 

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