Ecommerce Psychology Column

22 September 2022

We now live in a digital world and it’s so important for us to keep up with the time. As consumers, we can really benefit from the use of technology, to ease all of our experiences but above all to enrich them. As brands or businesses, instead, technology can be the means by which we can give consumers those enriching experiences.

We decided to start two new columns, E-commerce Psychology and Metaverse Psychology, to show how technology can be truly impactful, if used appropriately. We’ll talk about online and digital subjects, we’ll share interesting studies and marketing strategies but also all the cool things happening out there.

Today we want to begin with the E-commerce Psychology column and a study on website aesthetics which is known to be a major determinant of user perception and use intention. In fact, website aesthetics impact perceived trustworthiness, usability and user experience. The 2021 study, we want to talk about, has focused on specific elements of website aesthetics as the design mode (light vs. dark), the use of certain colours (red vs. blue) and the shape of the buttons (rounded vs. sharp). Interestingly, it was found that the button shape does not have significant influence over the consumer but the design mode and colour do. In fact, the results showed that a light design mode and a “blue website” affect users’ pleasure, arousal, trust and use intentions. Cool right?

These results should be kept in mind when designing a new website or when improving the existing ones.

For now it’s all but stay tuned if you want to know more.

Ah! Comment below if you want to know something in particular or you want us to talk about a specific topic.