We translate your brand into the brain language.

The effectiveness of the design in influencing consumer behaviour stems from the power of our subconscious brain. It can process 11mln bits of information per second while our conscious brain can only manage 40 bits.

What does it mean?

It means that the tinnest sensory elements of any design impact on the brand perception and consumer behaviour.

The right ambient smell in your store can increase your sales even by 20%.

Curvy and round shapes make people more sociable and leave more cognitive capacity for processing information about a brand story or a product.

Lighting can impact impulsivity but also dwell time and product engagement.

Certain textures can increase the value of the products and even get people to be more empathetic.

Various sounds can get people to stay longer, increase shopping satisfaction and sales.

Is it only for physical design?

Not at all.

Many elements like the shape of your font or a buy button have tremendous effect on customer experience.

Language is also a medium through which online and digital experiences can be made multisensory and emotive.

What designs have we worked on?

Brand design, packaging (product & ecommerce delivery), physical spaces like retail stores and leisure centres, co-working spaces, websites, internal dashboards for tech B2B brands, apps, marketing collateral…

We have a number of our signature processes that we use in this process like Sensory Brand Signature, EBD Design and Behavioural Review.

Explore our work with Swarovski on their new global retail concept.

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