Coronavirus: Five ways shopping will be different from now on

19 June 2020

In the previous months, the impact of coronavirus on people’s everyday life has been tangible. The pandemic and the following lockdown have changed consumers’ habits, forced to purchase online rather than in-store. After more than two months, non-essential shops in England are allowed to reopen. It will be a welcome change of scene but consumers must be ready to know that shopping will not be like before. For instance, people will be constantly asked to keep the distances, to avoid to touch the products, and will be highly discouraged to buy in group.

According to our founder Kate Nightingale: “We are basically living in a constant state of fear and anxiety – don’t leave the house, don’t touch anyone, don’t do exactly what you were doing before – this is not a normal way of human behaviour”. Due to this, after more than three months, people will be going back to shops “with a pre-existing huge ball of negativity” and will be likely frustrated by the new regulations. 

New rules will be applied and consumers will have to be ready.

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