Can experiential retail survive the rise of the cautious consumer?

19 April 2021

Retail must be experiential. Stores need to be places where forging relationships take precedence over shifting product. Convenience, discovery and cost are, for the most part, better served online. But how can we reinvent our physical retail stores?

According to our founder ‘We need to realise that experience happens within the customer’s mind and therefore fundamentally that it belongs to the customer. All that brands provide are a set of stimuli that ideally evoke specific emotions or put people in a desired cognitive state’. Our founder adds: ‘We should start by going back to the fundamental of how the human brain perceives environments and how all tiny sensory elements within any space affect emotions, cognition and behaviour’.

With an increased emphasis on how the spaces we create can not only protect our health, but actively improve it, brands that retrain their definition of what in-store engagement means might be set to profit.

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