Brand Advocacy Report

Did you know that brand advocacy is responsible for $6 trillion in annual consumer spending?

With the growing distrust amongst consumers it is a must-have strategy for every brand leader.

Download your copy of our Brand Advocacy Report to find out how to create a winning brand advocacy strategy.

Did you know that only 4% of customer believe in what influencers say but 92% trust the recommendations from their friends and family? This is where brand advocacy comes in.

Between 20-50% of all purchase decisions are driven by word of mouth. How much do you invest in your word of mouth? The ROI can reach even 400%.

Download our Brand Advocacy Report to find out how to turn your customers into loyal fans and even brand evangelists.

What is Brand Advocacy?

In this section you will find out what brand advocacy is and what are its key ingredients to help you build your brand advocacy strategy.

Why of Brand Advocacy?

Brand advocacy can increase your market share by 10% and your profits by up to 95%. Learn about other benefits that your loyal advocates bring.

How of Brand Advocacy?

From brand community and corporate social responsibility to reviews and email. We discuss the most effective methods of creating a lasting brand advocacy.

‘Turning your loyal customers into Brand Advocates has to be the single most important initiative for engagement, retention and brand health.’

Raine Peake, Digital Director, Jigsaw

Key Takeaways of Brand Advocacy Report


Brand Advocacy is a must have for all brands as it allows to create consistent and sustained growth


Turning your brand advocates into evangelists means you have truly arrived


The future of brand advocacy is predicting what your customer might want next by combining your personalisation and advocacy strategies