Do you have a challenge or an idea for growth but not entirely sure how to approach it?

Perhaps you want to attract a new target audience? Or maybe your website conversations are not as desired?

Maybe you are creating a new brand or growing your existing brand.

No matter the stage, size or challenge, we have worked with brands of all sizes and all stages.

Our extensive experience and knowledge makes it extremely easy for us to quickly assess the current situation and pinpoint where the potential for growth is.

Brain Spark 1 hour intesive consultation with consumer psychologist and our founder Kate Nightingale is ideal for all brave brand leaders who want a quick and actionable advice that truly makes a difference.

We have also provided many such sessions to large insight agencies on subjects including the future of placemaking, the future of department stores, new definition of masculinity and its impact on barber brands, or the future of socialising during and after pandemic. Check out our work with a renowned cultural insights agency Crowd.DNA.

Just email us at or fill the form below to book and tell us what you would like to talk about.

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