Behavioural Brand Audit


Are you running an amazing consumer brand in retail, hospitality or tech? Are your customers as engaged as they can be? Do they shout from the rooftops about your brand?

Not exactly? Here is where we come in.

We are behavioural experts with years of experience working with retail, leisure, fintech, hospitality and tech brands from start-ups to global brands. Our clients include Swarovski, SNUG, Dowsing & Reynolds and more.

As the human brain is a complex machine and majority of the consumer decisions and behaviours are driven by the subconsciousness, we tap into the science of the consumer brain to help your amazing brand become incredibly successful.

We translate your brand into the brain language.

No more guessing of how customers will react to your brand design, web experience or marketing campaign.

Who is the Behavioural Brand Audit for?

  • Start-up brands with great ambitions
  • Scale-ups with challenges to overcome and innovations to introduce

What is included?

  • Behavioural analysis of your brand strategy and customer profile
  • Behavioural review of branding, online and offline experience, and marketing
  • Personalised report outlining our findings and proposed solutions and developments

How does it work?

  • We start with an initial call to set up the objectives for the whole process and identify your biggest challenges and dreams
  • We review your current brand strategy and customer profiles
  • We dig deep into all of your channels and we look at them through the lens of your customer’s mind
  • We identify key enrichments for your brand and customer experience
  • We summarise it in your personalised report
  • We discuss our findings in a consultation call

Why would I get a psychologist to audit my brand?

  • Subconscious brain processes 11mln bits of information per second and conscious brain can barely manage 40 bits
  • This means that the smallest details, e.g. size of the font, character of a scent, right choice of words in a product description, strongly impact on consumer behaviour and decision making
  • Majority of human decisions are subconscious
  • Emotions are a huge driver of all the decisions and they need to be strategically evoked in customers along the customer journey
  • Smaller, more detailed changes have more powerful effect on consumer behaviour than bigger brand updates (the principle of incremental gains)

In our Behavioural Brand Audit we focus on what is truly effective for consumer subconscious brain. We propose both the quick wins, smaller details that can be easily updated, as well as long-term strategic developments and innovations.

How successful do you want your brand to be?

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We are looking forward to helping you reach your dreams.