Rethinking our work wardrobe – as we get dressed again

19 April 2021

How do we use fashion as a way of reintegrating into the physical work environment post-pandemic? More so, how to do we do this effortlessly while managing image anxiety and staying true to ourselves?

Our founder has been asked of how women can prepare to get dressed again and reintroduce their style for the workplace and in-person meetings. Our founder believes that “Balance between newness, comfort and familiarity will be key. Since co-workers and clients haven’t seen the ‘whole you’ on Zoom calls“, she warns, “too drastic changes can make them a bit conscious”. Her solution: “Blend some of your previous clothes with the newer pieces for the first few weeks.” She highlights that this talk of ‘newness’ is down to the likelihood of our style changing and us adopting new ways of dressing, such as investing in new clothes as a form of self-expression.

According to our founder it is fundamental to focus on yourself. When it comes to confidently adapting your style for work, Kate says: “ Centre on comfort first and what makes you happy, and then you can look at what is appropriate for a particular meeting”.

We couldn’t agree more with our founder’s words and so much more.

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